Sunday, May 08, 2011

Witnessing History

I wasn't able to blog due to partying/internet not working at home, so I was debating on what I should blog about this time around.  The answer's a little bit obvious - being no-hit by Justin Verlander.

Pretty much, I just need to vent/rant about some criticism I received based on my excitement for Verlander throwing the 2nd no-hitter of his fairly young career. I was told by some people that I'm obviously not much of a Jays fans if I would have liked to witness a no-hitter when we were down 9-0 in the bottom of the ninth.  Apparently, that meant that I was automatically rooting against the Jays.

Yes, I'm a Jays fan and they are my team.  I am also a fan of the game. Would I have been upset if we broke the no-hitter? Far from it. But ultimately, as a fan of the sport, I was somewhat hoping that I would see it happen.

That's what I love about Baseball.  It's one of the very few sports where despite having your favourite teams to cheer for, you have to have mad respect for the game as a whole.  How many of us check out the last half of an inning when makes it free to watch if there's a no-no/perfect game going on even if we have nothing invested in either team?

I've been to many baseball games in my lifetime and I've been able to witness 2 almost no-nos (McGowan against the Rockies and Morrow against the Rays).  And being able to see a no-hitter in person as a Baseball fan even though we were the ones who were no-hit is just as exciting as seeing a Jays pitcher no-hitting another team.

But, you know, Spring Training plus road trips plus being a Season Ticket Holder shows I'm not a true Jays fan since I was excited to see Baseball History.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

No Mojo for JoJo

Well...that sucked.

JoJo pitched a great game tonight. But tonight proves why the W-L record in baseball for starting pitchers is not the only stat that you can go by.  Sure, JoJo isn't one of the most stellar starters out there (far from it). But tonight, he deserved to get his first win since 2008.

Unfortunately, a couple of bad pitches from Jon Rauch ended up in a BJ Upton walkoff.

There are losses, and there are heartbreaking losses.  This one was definitely a heartbreaker.

JoJo kept the team in the game - but the amount of popouts the Jays hit really didn't help the cause.  Anything can happen in a 2-1 game, especially in the bottom of the 9th against the Rays.

Will JoJo finally get a win this season? I have faith. Just need to give him some more mojo, is all :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

So....didja hear?

The Jays made quite a shocking announcement after today's win against the Rangers...Travis Snider, Lunchbox, or Snideykins as I'd like to call him, was optioned to Vegas.

Why? Could it be his struggles at the plate? AA has said that he will let the kids work through their struggles. So, why the demotion this early in the season?

His timing has seemed a tad off all season, but why can't Murphy fix it? If it's a confidence issue, how can a demotion help? Could his rib injury still be nagging him?

Many fans are calling for AA's head on this one. Am I personally happy with the decision? Ultimately, no. But in AA I trust - and I will accept his decision to bring Cooper up to see what he can bring.

Unfortunately, the steakhouses in the city may not be as forgiving as me on this one.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Enter Awesomely Lame Punny Subject Here

Yeah, I can't come up with something tonight.  I find that blogging about road games are far from being inspired.

First off - loving what Drabek is bringing to the team this season.  Could he possibly be our most consistent starting pitcher this season so far?

Could the possible return of Rajai Davis somehow be heating up some bats for the Jays? Patterson with a huge bomb....followed by Bautista...followed by Rivera? Hopefully the home run'll be the monkey off Rivera's back and he'll get into a groove of sorts.

Sad thing? I think every fan figured we would have issues winning tonight's game based on our lineup. Woody starting? And Dave Bush came in to pitch for the Rangers??? TOTAL trip back to 2004 :)

It'll be interesting to see what happens on the mound tomorrow with Litsch's return.

Ugh. Lamest blog post ever. Hopefully I'll have more to write about tomorrow.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good FriJays

HAHA look at that. I made a funny.

What. A. Game. Jo-Jo with a non-Molina catching had an almost-quality start. Bautista so close to hitting for the cycle (and scoring almost every time he was on base).  Edwin had a great night...Juan Rivera hit another single.  All topped off with a walk-off by...Johnny Mac?

And other than a lot of drunks acting kinda silly and people not understanding when the wave should be done (though I'd prefer it if it never existed), the atmosphere was amazing.  Full count, 2 out, even with Rivera up at bat - the crowd was on their feet without the jumbotron telling them to.

If only all games could be written so perfectly. Well, except for Nix almost being killed on that botched double play *sniffle*

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Obligatory "Brett Cecil was Sent Down" Post

There's something hard about writing a blog post about something that was expected - especially when it comes to your favourite player struggling.

In case anybody was living in a proverbial cave, Brett Cecil was sent down to Triple-A in light of his recent struggles pitching so far this season for Chris Woodward (didn't realize I revved up my Delorean) much to the expectations (and complete shock depending on who you ask) of Jays fans all around.

So what does "superfan" (don't ask) think?  It's a good move.  There's something not right since we've all seen Brett kick ass (led the team in wins last season).  If it's something mechanical, it's better to find out what the issue is before it becomes a mental block or extreme low confidence - it's happened to pitchers in the past.  Sure, Brett really hasn't pitched HORRIBLY, and his recent start at Fenway despite the rough 3rd inning showed he still has his stuff. But it's not what Brett has shown he's capable of - even in Spring Training.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some kind of Baseball stigma that if you're "demoted" to the minors, it's automatically a negative. Any true Baseball fan understands that the minor league system is where players are developed and work out their kinks before they get the call to the Majors working their way through the ranks.

A fresh pair of eyes in Vegas (cannot remember who the Triple-A pitching coach is for the life of me right now) could be all that Brett needs to bounce back. It wasn't too long ago when media and fans figured Romero was a complete bust and everybody was calling for Ricciardi's head for picking him before Tulo.  Arnie took him under his wing and now Ricky's our ace.  Baseball's a funny little thing, isn't it?

And now, Twitter for the past couple of days have been absolutely supportive of Brett with well wishes and hashtags. #isupportCEC and I will still support him, repping my jersey at the Dome until his imminent return this season - the AL will miss his changeup. Er, except the batters. Don't mess with my non-existent logic.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh how I wish all Yankees series at home were 2 days long.  I forgot how much I dislike the atmosphere, though I do appreciate there are more butts in the seats.

Tonight, in our section, a Jays "fan" broke a Yankees fan's flag when Granderson hit his home run. Seriously? It's pathetic. I'm all for playful fun when it comes to possibly heckling visiting fans provided it's smart.  It's happened to me in every ballpark I've been to, though for the most part I've been welcomed with open arms for visiting the city and the ballpark.

The saddest part about tonight? The Jays fans didn't get kicked out for causing shit, and the Yankees fans left really upset. Shame on you, Rogers Centre.

Brett struggled again, unfortunately. It appears to be mechanical, according to Mr. Zaun. I think a stint either on the DL or in Vegas is in order before the mechanical issue turns into a confidence issue - confidence is a LOT harder to fix. I shall even use the hashtag here -#isupportCEC

Alas, I still love the team and how they aren't giving up. Walk-off win on Tuesday after Mo blew the save...and even being down by 4 runs the boys were still getting on base. I'll thank John Farrell methinks.