Friday, April 22, 2011

The Obligatory "Brett Cecil was Sent Down" Post

There's something hard about writing a blog post about something that was expected - especially when it comes to your favourite player struggling.

In case anybody was living in a proverbial cave, Brett Cecil was sent down to Triple-A in light of his recent struggles pitching so far this season for Chris Woodward (didn't realize I revved up my Delorean) much to the expectations (and complete shock depending on who you ask) of Jays fans all around.

So what does "superfan" (don't ask) think?  It's a good move.  There's something not right since we've all seen Brett kick ass (led the team in wins last season).  If it's something mechanical, it's better to find out what the issue is before it becomes a mental block or extreme low confidence - it's happened to pitchers in the past.  Sure, Brett really hasn't pitched HORRIBLY, and his recent start at Fenway despite the rough 3rd inning showed he still has his stuff. But it's not what Brett has shown he's capable of - even in Spring Training.

Unfortunately, there seems to be some kind of Baseball stigma that if you're "demoted" to the minors, it's automatically a negative. Any true Baseball fan understands that the minor league system is where players are developed and work out their kinks before they get the call to the Majors working their way through the ranks.

A fresh pair of eyes in Vegas (cannot remember who the Triple-A pitching coach is for the life of me right now) could be all that Brett needs to bounce back. It wasn't too long ago when media and fans figured Romero was a complete bust and everybody was calling for Ricciardi's head for picking him before Tulo.  Arnie took him under his wing and now Ricky's our ace.  Baseball's a funny little thing, isn't it?

And now, Twitter for the past couple of days have been absolutely supportive of Brett with well wishes and hashtags. #isupportCEC and I will still support him, repping my jersey at the Dome until his imminent return this season - the AL will miss his changeup. Er, except the batters. Don't mess with my non-existent logic.

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