Thursday, April 21, 2011


Oh how I wish all Yankees series at home were 2 days long.  I forgot how much I dislike the atmosphere, though I do appreciate there are more butts in the seats.

Tonight, in our section, a Jays "fan" broke a Yankees fan's flag when Granderson hit his home run. Seriously? It's pathetic. I'm all for playful fun when it comes to possibly heckling visiting fans provided it's smart.  It's happened to me in every ballpark I've been to, though for the most part I've been welcomed with open arms for visiting the city and the ballpark.

The saddest part about tonight? The Jays fans didn't get kicked out for causing shit, and the Yankees fans left really upset. Shame on you, Rogers Centre.

Brett struggled again, unfortunately. It appears to be mechanical, according to Mr. Zaun. I think a stint either on the DL or in Vegas is in order before the mechanical issue turns into a confidence issue - confidence is a LOT harder to fix. I shall even use the hashtag here -#isupportCEC

Alas, I still love the team and how they aren't giving up. Walk-off win on Tuesday after Mo blew the save...and even being down by 4 runs the boys were still getting on base. I'll thank John Farrell methinks.

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