Thursday, April 28, 2011

So....didja hear?

The Jays made quite a shocking announcement after today's win against the Rangers...Travis Snider, Lunchbox, or Snideykins as I'd like to call him, was optioned to Vegas.

Why? Could it be his struggles at the plate? AA has said that he will let the kids work through their struggles. So, why the demotion this early in the season?

His timing has seemed a tad off all season, but why can't Murphy fix it? If it's a confidence issue, how can a demotion help? Could his rib injury still be nagging him?

Many fans are calling for AA's head on this one. Am I personally happy with the decision? Ultimately, no. But in AA I trust - and I will accept his decision to bring Cooper up to see what he can bring.

Unfortunately, the steakhouses in the city may not be as forgiving as me on this one.

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