Tuesday, May 03, 2011

No Mojo for JoJo

Well...that sucked.

JoJo pitched a great game tonight. But tonight proves why the W-L record in baseball for starting pitchers is not the only stat that you can go by.  Sure, JoJo isn't one of the most stellar starters out there (far from it). But tonight, he deserved to get his first win since 2008.

Unfortunately, a couple of bad pitches from Jon Rauch ended up in a BJ Upton walkoff.

There are losses, and there are heartbreaking losses.  This one was definitely a heartbreaker.

JoJo kept the team in the game - but the amount of popouts the Jays hit really didn't help the cause.  Anything can happen in a 2-1 game, especially in the bottom of the 9th against the Rays.

Will JoJo finally get a win this season? I have faith. Just need to give him some more mojo, is all :)

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