Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pacific Time? Go Eff Yourself

I never thought I'd be looking forward to the Jays playing a 4-game weekend series at Fenway....

This trip to the West Coast has been, sorry for the borderline vulgarity, complete and utter BALLS! I hate West Coast trips anyways due to the lack of sleep on weeknights when I've got to hit the daily grind the next morning drinking my Starbucks in hopes that my hazy mind will clear up. Er, wait, Starbucks is based in Seattle! #fail

But the time difference isn't all that I hate. For some reason, we always struggle on the West Coast it seems. Jet lag perhaps? California sun or Seattle rain having an effect on the boys' brains?

Sure, they're still playing with Hustle and Heart (take a shot everytime you hear that this season and your liver will be gone by May)...but the next time I see Aaron Hill pop up, I will pop a million more blood vessels (are there even that many in the human body?)

That being said, despite this somewhat horrid road trip (and possibly being swept by Wedge's Mariners), I'm still cheering my team on. It's only the 2nd full week of Baseball...and I doubt that Red Sox and Rays fans think their seasons are already over.

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