Saturday, April 16, 2011

Monkey Off Brett's Back

The one problem with drinking beer watching the game on TV with your girlfriends? Mind's a bit hazy after the 4hr game at Fenway and it makes it TONS of fun to post :)

As a Brett Cecil fan (jerseys and all), even I was skeptical about how Brett was going to pitch.  I had as much faith as possible, but I kept thinking back to that rough start at Fenway where he gave up 5 home runs. I was petrified it was going to be repeated.  But he started the game off well, imploded in the 3rd which so far has seemed to be the regular occurrence so far this season, had a pep talk from JPFA, then calmed down to pitch a quality start and got the win (after the bullpen almost lost it again). Let's hope he can keep it up - but who knows what'll happen once Morrow comes back. Something's still wrong with his pitching (not just the velocity) so maybe they'll get him to start working on that.

Then there's the whole 3 foul/fair lines by Pesky's pole drama going on.  Do I need to rehash that? Nah, I'm sure it's been spoken about everywhere.

All in all, this completely uninspiring blog post isn't going anywhere. But hey, at least the Red Sox are 2-10 with Beckett on the mound.....and Jo-Jo....*bites nails*

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