Monday, April 04, 2011

Opening Weekend's Shenanigans (or lack thereof)

Who knew that a weekend of amazing Blue Jays baseball could be so damn exhausting?

This weekend proved to be one of the most exciting opening series I've ever been a part of.  The crowd and the atmosphere matched how this team is making me feel - POSITIVE!

Sure, asshats decided to start throwing their rally towels onto the field in the 7th....inning(?) along with their full beer cans (holycrapmuthaeffinbeerinacan!!!).  And of course, there were mandatory 500 level fist fights. But it was all electric.

During the pre-game show - when they unveiled Pat Gillick's and Roberto Alomar's HOF banners above, ugh, "Jaysvision", it was a feeling I have never felt before. I got goosebumps and I started to well up.  Sooner than later, we'll all get that feeling again when we reveal our next banner.

This whole weekend, I couldn't get over Farrell's style.  The speed on the basepaths AND the power on Friday night...pinch hitting Snider for Rivera the moment Liriano was taken out of the game...and *gasp* a sac bunt with runners at 1st and 2nd????? How much of our bullpen pitched all 3 games of the series?

It all goes back to my 2 most overused words - FEELING EXCITED!

(I'm still recovering from the extreme adrenaline rush the first 3 games of the season provided - too much adrenaline makes a non-sensical blog post)

Anybody have any thoughts/comments about the Jays' Opening Weekend? 

P.S. I still belEEve

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