Monday, April 18, 2011

Home. Sweet. Home.

Could this past road trip possibly go down as one of the worst in Jays recent history?

I'm not going to bother looking past road trips up.  I'm lazy and depressed.

I'm too depressed to even rant. Yet I do have faith that the Jays'll be able to pull off a decent homestand against the Yankees and the Rays.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, "fans" will be spending their whole time booing AJ Burnett as opposed to cheering Kyle Drabek and the boys on.

As much as I want to see more butts in the seats, I'd almost prefer it if the hooliganism never showed up. I've always been a believer in positive reinforcement - and seriously, why go to a game to boo the other team instead of going to cheer for your own? I could probably understand a bit more if this was AJ's first season with the Yankees after leaving us. But seriously...this is the 3rd. Can we get over it already?

This homestand better provide me with some more creative juices. My focus is all crocussed.

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  1. After seeing the antics in the sections between ours during tonight's game, I have to agree with you. I went to watch a baseball game and was soured by the actions of others.