Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quickie post-B2B Reunion Blog

Super quickie...not even going to post a picture.

Man, this weekend was absolutely exhausting. From the joke of a Charity BBQ, to Season Ticket Holder signings, to Fan Club Q&A, to more autograph signings, to a decent tribute, to a slightly Justify Fullcrappy game, to no sleep, to waking up for more autographs...etc etc etc

I'm tuckered out.

Despite being absolutely exhausted, this weekend was quite fun. I just have a little bit of advice to the Jays and TD Canada Trust. If you're trying to raise money for Children's Aid, and you want to charge $20 a table for autographs, you might want to let people know before they arrive and line up.

The alumni really seemed to be into the whole reunion. At least the ones I met were VERY polite and talkative to everybody they met. Alomar's a different story, and I can only go by what one of my friends experienced.

He showed up 20 minutes late on Saturday at Gate 5, and proceeded to sign 5-6 things for every autograph hound who was in front of the line. Dome Security did nothing. Fans started to push, people opened the barricades just so they could leave because they feared their safety. Fans were also standing out in the sun for a long time to try to meet him. He arrived late, with his wife/fiancee/girlfriend/whatever, who stayed by his side the whole time. They were shaded. They weren't even there for 5 minutes when she took one of the photocards and started fanning poor Robbie because he was so hot. He stayed an extra 10 minutes. Losing out on 10 minutes of autograph time. Great player on the field, but he's always been a complete asshole. Luckily, I couldn't care less and I went to a GOOD line :)

Side note: Bonded with David Cone about Legend of Zelda. Teh Awesome.

And seriously, I think I'm in <3 with Todd Stottlemyre.

In terms of the actual games? Meh, Friday was blah. But at least we squeaked out two wins on the weekend.

Yeah, brain's not functioning. Quite a lame blog post, but I don't care :)

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