Friday, August 07, 2009

The Jays Weren't All The Yankees Shut Down

Even though the series was only 2 games, it still physically and emotionally drained me (possibly because I finally had work again. w00t.)

I'm still too drained to even post coherentness and possible insight about the games. But I'm not going to. Except, was it just me or was the second game the better out of the two (though not necessarily the outcome)? And it WASN'T the highly touted "Doc's first start as a continued Jay" game?

On a Brewers note, I know I'm a couple of days late, but seriously, Prince "Teddy Bear" Fielder going absolutely apeshit? Well, I'm just calling him a teddy bear. What do I know? :P

Anyhoo, as I've said...absolutely drained. I need to prepare myself for this weekend. Apparently there's some kind of Jays reunion happening...I think they won Back-2-Back World Series at one point in franchise history. (/end sarcasm) So I'm going to brave the BBQ tomorrow since work doesn't exist again lol then it's time to celebrate the "Remember when the Jays were contenders and the city gave a shit" weekend with a Season Ticket Holder signing followed by a Tom Henke Q&A for Fan Club members followed by a baseball game. Whoo hoo.

Yes. I'm bitter. I'll make myself happy. Sorry about the fangirl moment. But I have to.

Brauny belly. Preow.

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