Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goodbye, Lexi

I didn't have a chance to blog until now. And it's not a big one, only because of sentimental reasons that Lexi was claimed by the White Sox....and he's no longer a Jay.

I have fond memories of having the opportunity to meet Lexi a few times while he was a Jay. He was always smiling, and quite polite.

And despite understanding it's a business and all that lovely bullshit, and that essentially the team got rid of "the player" as a form of a salary dump, it still saddens me.

Good luck in Chicago, Lexi.

(Good win for the Jays, btw. Even though I missed a game due to a meeting)

And I can't find a good Lexi pic to post.

Hopefully I'll go back to having decent blog posts soon :P

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