Sunday, July 26, 2009

See? Now THAT'S more like it!

I love going to a game where there's absolutely no imploding involved. It definitely makes it a lot easier to breathe. Cecilicious only gave up 1 ER, Rolen hit a 3-run dinger...Joe finally got another hit lol....Jays win it 5-1. I was secretly hoping for a repeat from 2 years ago on Dog Day when McGowan was so close to having a No-No (still hate you, Jeff Baker!). But I'll definitely take a win.

But one thing that I realized today....yes, the Jays were pitiful on Saturday in the game that I will refer to as Bullpen Gate and will never mention again...why would "fans" show up just to complain the whole time they're at the game, and boo V-Dub? I would think that money would be better spent towards something you'd WANT to see. Here's the classic moment. V-Dub grounds into a double play. People boo insanely. Lind scored from third!!!!! Anybody who knows the sport and actually cares would know that yes, double plays suck...but at least it brought a run in. Then there were the lovely, sarcastic cheers when Vernon hit a single in the 8th.

But the worst was when Vernon was walking his dog with his wife and children for Dog Day festivities. Fans started yelling down at him, swearing at him, telling him he's worthless, etc. Sometimes I truly feel embarrassed to be a Jays fan.

Jays fans are quick to insult Red Sox fans. But, I'm sorry....David Ortiz was struggling a LOT more than Vernon is right now, and as far as I know, making more money (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Did the Fenway Faithful ream him out every chance they got? Not as far as I could tell....the only thing I saw were standing ovations where the fans were cheering him on to support him in getting out of his slump.

It's depressing. I'm trying not to focus on it because it's truthfully not worth my time thinking about it. But it's still upsetting. I do know that there are people who will support this team as a whole through thick and thin, and I'm hoping that our positivity will overshadow the negativity of the Hockey hooliganism mentality.

And now it's time for a West Coast road trip.....hooray for late nights!


I realized I haven't even mentioned the Brewers in any of my posts yet. My brain's just been too overloaded to mention them, I guess. But on Saturday while hosting the Braves, both teams wore Negro League uniforms as a tribute. I love the untuck/jumping thing that Brauny, Cameron and Hart do...but man, it looks even more amusing in the old-style uniforms. *sigh* I miss Miller Park


My guilt has been expunged. On Wednesday night, I received Marco Scutaro's 2nd home run ball from Alexthebullpencatcher. SO excited since I <3 Scootz. (this is the third time I'm typing this out since Blogger's acting silly lol). I got home, found out it was the first time in his career that he had a multi-home run game. I started to feel guilty, and people thought I was a freak because of it. Long story short, friend of mine spoke to Sam Cosentino who spoke to Scootz who wanted the ball and was appreciative that I wanted to get it back to him. After today's game, I gave the ball to Sam, and shortly after, he came out with a fresh MLB ball signed on the sweet spot by Scootz. So now I'm guilt-free :) And I have a lovely ball.

Thank you, Sam and Scootz! <3


  1. That's cool that Scoots signed the ball and gave it back to you. But what the real question is ... what ever happened to that bat that he was making out with in the dugout?

  2. He actually signed a new ball and kept the HR ball. And I don't think I want to know what's going on with that bat :P Maybe they went a step up in their relationship.

  3. I heard they were looking at getting an apartment together or might possibly be sending out Christmas cards together this year.

    Scoots + bat = love.