Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mariners Get RickRom'ed

RickRom had a decent start tonight. Not a quality start, but he kept the Jays in the game. That's pretty much all you can ask from him at this rate. Then again, the Jays bazillion hits, and the two-out rally in the 6th (Holy WTF, Batman), Lylo and The Cod HRs, Scootz tying his career high for hits in a game (4), Jingles not killing the rally in the 6th (hey, I <3 him, but he's been struggling at the plate away from Vegas this season)....all in all a good night.

Here's one thing I don't get. Here in Toronto, there are fans who easily have access to see the Jays and cheer them on. As my previous entries have stated, it's totally not the case. But in Seattle, the cheers were louder than here at home for the Jays (or so it seemed) by people who follow the team just like the fans in Toronto do, who know the struggles the Jays are going through, and who probably have the same beefs as the fans in Toronto do. I didn't hear any boos for Vernon. Which again, leads me to the question, "What's wrong with the so-called fans in Toronto?"

Unfortunately, that's too philosophical of a question to be asked at 2am.

THE LEGEND STILL EXISTS! He made his first appearance tonight in Seattle since the Jays were in Tampa on July 8th. 19 days. And he didn't give up a run. One of the best, recent outings by somebody in our bullpen :P He didn't aid and abet blowing a 7-run lead. But I digress.

So...The Cod gets pied. How did I find out? By finding this picture online. What did Sportsnet do the second The Legend and The Cod shake hands after the final out? Archie says, "Thank you for watching," then it goes straight to Connected...where they talk about the highlights of the game we just watched, and most likely rambled on about Doc possibly being traded before the deadline (I don't know...I turned the TV off once that happened. But it's a typical Sportsnet type-thing to happen....such as regurgitating information from Wikipedia, verbatim. Again, I digress). My whole point is, they didn't show the post-game interview with Barajas, or the pieing. But they DID record it since it's readily available on sportscrap.ca.

Here's to hoping Marc (too late to spell his last name) fares well against Washburn tomorrow night, provided Washburn doesn't head to the Brewers right away. Then again, the Brewers effin' lost to the NATIONALS for crying out loud. I shall end my vent there.

Goodnight. Or good morning. However you'd like to look at it.


  1. It drives me nuts the way Sportsnet is so desperate to drop the broadcast like a hot potato after the last pitch.

  2. It pisses me right off. Then again, I've been bitter with them since the WBC when there was a USA vs. Can't Remember game, and the Japan vs. I'm assuming Korea went a bit late. Missed the first 2 innings of the USA game because they still "had to show Connected" for frickin' Hockey highlights.