Friday, July 31, 2009

Now That I've Woken Up And I've Realized WTF GBOAT Means.......

*sigh* Rolen's been traded to Cincinnati.

Who is Millar now going to mack on, now that his significant other on the Jays is gone?

All kidding aside, it's upsetting when one of the best current Jays gets traded...not going to lie to you.

And it's just pissing me off because I get to hear/read more "FIRE JP" comments. After all, everything's his fault. Again, not a JP supporter by all means. But give it a rest, people.

This one's for you, Scott....and our fond memories of Fossil Fries and Mammoth Burgers. And, your legs and arms....DAYUM. *ahem* Sorry about that.

I'll stop there. Actual blog post coming after the Jays game this evening. Welcome back, Scott-eh? (speaking of Scotts).

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