Thursday, July 30, 2009

Because When It's Not About Doc, It's About 'Roids

Beware. 'Tis a Roid Rant.

According to a report on, two more names have been revealed from the Supposed Anonymous list of positive PED tests in 2003. Quelle surprise, it's Man-Ram and Papi.

I definitely love the selection of names that are released from this Supposed Anonymous list. As far as I know, again correct me if I'm wrong, players volunteered to participate in these tests on the condition of anonymity. Gotta love Bud Selig.

The thing is, everybody (including the world's worst hecklers) LOVES to hear when big name power hitters are reported to have used PEDs. That way they can use the wonderfully creative "STEROIDS" chant when each player comes up to bat.

But what about the names that AREN'T selected to be made public from the Supposed Anonymous list? There are probably some very reputable and loved names on that list, along with guys who felt they had to use it just so they'd be able to have an extra edge to get out of the minor leagues (Howie Clark, anybody?)

Whatever. Personally, I'm not going to hold anything against ANY of the players whose names are released, at least depending on how they react to the situation, because it a) wasn't against the rules in 2003, and b) they agreed on the basis that their names would not be released if there was a positive result.

Selig has made the MLB a joke. Happy Fucking 75th, Bud. Just retire already.

(stories like this shouldn't come out when I'm already bitter)

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