Saturday, August 01, 2009

Double Crappiness With A Side Of No Internet

If anything good happened last night, it was the fact that The Cod got to feel up Scott Richmond. Oh, sorry...I mean, tried to settle him down.

I don't think I can make a blog post long enough for everything that sucked about last night. I would have posted about it last night, but my internet farted out. I think it was sick of my venting on Twitter. Richmond, fresh from the DL, was struggling. Badly. Was he rushed back? Was he just a bit rusty? I don't know....and I'm not even going to attempt to speculate.

Got this information from Jordan Bastian's tweet: Jays 1-3 hitters went 8-13, 5R, 5RBI, 3 2B, 1 HR. Batters 4-9? 2-24. PATHETIC. Then again, what can you expect when your cleanup hitter is Kevin Millar? Love the guy's personality....but he can't hit!

3 errors. 3 frickin' errors by the #1 team in the AL for fielding percentage! Truthfully, if we didn't end up losing this game, I would be pissed off. Yet, I'm still pissed off. Go fig :P

I guess it's because evil and mean JP traded Scott Rolen away. It's been released that Rolen asked to be traded because of family reasons, and he wanted to be closer to Indiana. In the end, JP accommodated for him and we got some youth. Again, far from being a JP supporter, but the Rolen trade is not a reason for him to be fired. At least in my humble opinion. I won't rant about Jays fans...I promise. Especially since I'll probably offend and upset some of my good friends.

Is it bad that I now prefer to hear Rance Mulliniks' voice over Jamie Campbell? I'm actually not cringing when I hear Rance talk anymore. But when Archie starts to talk, I want to throw something at my TV.

Then to add to it, the Brewers had an awesome 7-run second inning last night vs. the Padres. THEY BLEW IT. And they're in fourth place. Braden Looper's quote: “It’s tough to say that I was a better hitter than a pitcher today. I don’t ever want to say that.” (Taken from Adam McCalvy's tweet)

Ugh. Depressed. Well, at least I get to watch both the Jays and the Brewers games tonight. Hooray for my friend having MLB Extra Innings.

It's already August. *sob*


  1. Last night was painful. Ugh.

    Chavez likes to grab a li'l Koolaid, too:,0

    Heh heh.

  2. Doesn't everybody want to grab a li'l Koolaid? lol