Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Halladay Stuff

Okay, I was a little more emotional at tonight's game than I ever thought I would be. Maybe the beer added to it. But there's one thing that I can admit as a Jays fan, the Dome was awesome tonight.

Normally, considering where my seats are, the fans can be quite....rowdy. Heckles are heard more than cheers. Sure, there were a few "CRAWWWWWFORRRRRRD" chants going on, and various "boos" for V-Dub. But the energy was positive otherwise. My last experience with Joe Inglett <3 playing in LF was far from pleasant in terms of how the fans misbehaved, but everybody was cheering for him from the beginning of the game until the end....even after he botched the bunt and the catch that allowed 2 runs to score in the 10th, leading to the Jays' demise, and Doc's no-decision after yet another mostly stellar outing.

I was almost positive before heading down to the Dome that the experience would not be enjoyable. Jays fans, including myself, are quite bitter about the mess that JP has started with the media. I was expecting a huge "Poor Doc" fest. But that was far from what it was. To me, it seemed that Jays fans collectively (though possibly subconsciously) were showing the team AND Doc that there is a fan base that can keep this team going, despite the nagging question of, "When the f*** are we going to start contending?" It showed that there is still a passion in the city of Toronto for the Jays to bring the playoffs back to Canada...and that we'd prefer it to happen with Doc leading the way.

To be honest, as awesome as Halladay is, I've never normally been a "huge Doc fan"...probably because he already has a huge outpouring of support. But tonight, I couldn't help it. Nobody could. Heck, my eyes started to water as he left the bullpen after his warmup tosses. And when he headed to the dugout after the top of the 9th, I got a lump in my throat...and massive goosebumps.

And after reading highlights from his post-game stuff, it made me truly realize how heartbroken I will be if/when he's no longer with the Jays, though I will never begrudge him if he wants to leave.

There. Enough sappy overemotional beer/exhaustion induced nattering :)

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