Friday, July 24, 2009

Holy Crap, I finally did it.

After spending over an hour trying to make my blog look purdy (seriously holding back on saying "as purdy as (insert player's name here)", I'm giving up to make my first post. Especially since I have to head down to the Dome (which it will ALWAYS be named...take that Rogers! *shakes fist*) for what could be Doc's final start as a Jay.

I'd probably have a huge post venting about what's going on. But I need to make sure that I'm not completely and emotionally drained before tonight's game, especially since this game could mark the end of an era.

Not to mention, I have to make sure I don't pass out due to Alex Gonzalez being the Flashback Friday guest. I won't be heading to meet him (since I don't have anything for him to sign), but he was definitely the first player who made me have stereotypical female reactions to the sport.

And Joe Inglett's back tonight. More stereotypical female reactions....and it marks the return of some more High Sock Mojo.

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