Wednesday, July 29, 2009

When Aussies Attack

Well, I WANTED to use an action shot of Ryan Long-Hyphenated-Name to suit the title. But nope. None available. And I'm sick of seeing Doc's face, so I'm boycotting the use of a Halladay picture. So let's just stare at Rowland-Smith's evil glasses of doom. No wonder the Jays were shaking in their cleats at the plate.

Yes. I'm bitter. Losing 2-3 to the EFFIN' MARINERS is just as bad as losing 2-3 to the EFFIN' INDIANS. Bloody'd think that by watching today's game, we were at US Cellular Field with Buehrle on the mound! I don't want to take anything away from Rowland-Smith's pitching performance, which was really good. But we should have had this game in the bag.

The thing is, everybody just wants to blame one person for this loss, normally from the list of Usual Suspects (minus Fenster and Verbal....and the other guys). V-Dub popping out, yet again? Gotta love seeing Gene Tenace looking like, "What the F*** are we going to do with you?" when V-Dub headed back to the dugout. Welke for botching that call for poor old Doc? Or JP, who will get the blame for absolutely everything that goes wrong with this team right now?

Oh wait, I got it. It's John Gibbons' fault.

All kidding aside, I just want to put the blame on the team as a whole. Yes, there are a lot of distractions going on right now. But seriously, get your asses in gear so that way fans'll actually want to stick around to watch the team through another rebuild, and to prevent this team from going the way of the Expos.

On a side note, Kevin Millar is so bad, that even when he makes a play, it's an out, and he gets charged with an error.

Tomorrow's an off-day, at least on the field. I'm sure the Jays will still find a way to lose something. Maybe their luggage on the way to Oakland.

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