Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rally Monkeys Are Petrifying

And I don't mean when the Angels start a rally. I mean the monkey literally will give me nightmares.  I love monkeys. But in an Angels jersey and a stadium filled with stuffed monkeys? I need therapy.

The Jays pulled through for the win tonight against the Angels. Despite the ump's non-existent strike zone, defensive blunders, and Drabek's walks, it was an amazing game. Drabek with a quality start including 5Ks? Even despite the errors and the inconsistent strike zone, Drabek kept his composure.  I'm quite pleasantly surprised at the maturity the 21yr old showed on the mound tonight.

And Jayson Nix...I obviously still belEEve, but so far it looks like getting Nix was another rabbit pulled out of a hat move for AA.

In other news: Thank you, Gregg Zaun, for answering my question about why road pants cause saggy bum/crotch. It's been haunting me for years.

Just a short post tonight thanks to time differences.

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