Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Juan Rivera Dead Horse

So, I've decided to blog about something that nobody's talking about /end sarcasm

But seriously. Juan. Effin'. Rivera.

I'm all for supporting players through their struggles since nobody's perfect.  And I still hold onto that (I belEEve).  But there's no excuse for Rivera's attitude.

Sure, 2 hits against the Angels last night and I believe one ended up resulting in a run.  Sure, he leads the team in walks (or as Rivera plays - long leisurely strolls down to first).

There are how many Baseball players in the minors who would almost kill for a chance to be in the MLB? So many of them work their little uniformed tushies off and can barely scrape it up to Triple-A? Instead you have a guy like Rivera getting paid $5.25 mill showing he doesn't give a crap about the team or winning.

Is he miffed because he knows the team wants to get rid of him but can't? Shouldn't that be more of an accelerant to a fire that he should already have in the first place? At least he's promoting good Twitter debate/discussion. But not $5.25 mill worth.

Juan - just take the money and run. Literally.

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