Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good FriJays

HAHA look at that. I made a funny.

What. A. Game. Jo-Jo with a non-Molina catching had an almost-quality start. Bautista so close to hitting for the cycle (and scoring almost every time he was on base).  Edwin had a great night...Juan Rivera hit another single.  All topped off with a walk-off by...Johnny Mac?

And other than a lot of drunks acting kinda silly and people not understanding when the wave should be done (though I'd prefer it if it never existed), the atmosphere was amazing.  Full count, 2 out, even with Rivera up at bat - the crowd was on their feet without the jumbotron telling them to.

If only all games could be written so perfectly. Well, except for Nix almost being killed on that botched double play *sniffle*

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