Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Been A Week....

and I haven't vented since. Why? Out of my many years of being a Jays fan, I've never not cared this much. It breaks my heart watching games on TV and seeing them blow it in the worst way possible. And to vent about it on a blog doesn't help.

Tonight's game just made it worse.

People don't even care enough to boo V-Dub anymore.

I also love the, "If a Jays pitcher gets at least 2 men on base then miraculously the defense provides a triple play to get him out of a mess, you could win a million dollars" contest. Give me a fucking break.

And Casey doesn't have high sock mojo anymore....

And I'm sick of Brandon Effin' League having a career.

Yet tons of people want to get their picture taken with the stupid asshole "umps" who automatically MUST be awesome since they're apparently buddies with Jamie Campbell. Whoopdee shit. That act got stale after the first inning they did it.

And again, that's why I hate Toronto fans.

But welcome back, T-Snide....

At least there's a slim chance that Bronson might become a Brewer soon...that might cheer me up.

I need to kill my liver because of these guys.

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