Sunday, April 10, 2011

Um. WTF?

In my almost 30 years, I have never witnessed a game like that.

Bats on fire for the first 5 innings (or iffy pitching - maybe an unhappy medium) Then to quote Sergio in Get Him to The Greek....MINDFUCK!

Johnny Mac being the star of the game and not just defensively? I still don't think he should be in the starting lineup every day, but seriously! Who expected that?

An almost completely lights out bullpen (until Rauch came into the game and got the loss)?

OK, so the Jays almost blew it on EE's error until Dotel got out of the mess....but they didn't (I still belEEve!!!). SO many close calls with juiced bases, runners in scoring position, bad pitches, bad defense (Angels had 3 errors).

Then you have the "interference" call that Bob Davidson made - I thought the whole point of the game was to run from base to base when you reach safely....Escobar did that. But, alas, it was wrong according to the Jays' archenemy Mr Davidson.  That play would have a) had Edwin redeem himself slightly and b) put the Jays ahead.  Instead, it was out #3 and the Angels went up to bat.  Never have I heard commentators on TV sounding so unbelievably angry. Even Gregg Zaun tweeted about Balking Bob Davidson....

Then the Angels threatened in the bottom of that inning. Luckily, due to some really bad Rivera-esque type baserunning, nothing happened. Highlight? Buck and Pat yelling at Travis "Throw to first! Throw to first!". Bobby Abreu running home during the Callaspo rundown then getting called out for out #3? Epic.

Twitter was going insane throughout the whole game, despite it being late everywhere in Canada.  People were still watching.

Yet, it hits 10pm here at home and "fans" leave...if they even show up to the game at all.  Tonight alone showed that there are fans out there who have just as much Hustle and Heart as the guys on the field.

Alas, the Jays lost...but it was one of the most memorable games I've ever watched and it won't be one I'll forget for a while. They didn't give up. Just watching them exhausted me more than the length of the game.

Here's to hoping the team and the fans'll remember this the next time the starting pitching struggles, the next time the game goes into extras, and the next time Balking Bob Davidson comes into town.

And here's to hoping I'll never have to write a blog post after a 5 hour game at 2:30am :)

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  1. Props for sticking with that game, boy it was a wild one wasn't it? It just had the sense the Baseball Gods wanted the Angels to win it in walk off fashion because of so many bad plays (and bad calls). On to the next game!