Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beware - Potential Stereotypical Girly Post

So, I'm too lazy to plug my external hard drive into my computer...even though the USB port is right in front of me, as well as the cord. But then I'd have to turn it on and search for files.....whatever. The point is, here's a picture of Ryan Braun instead of Joe Inglett.


Well, Brauny's my favourite Brewer and he's beyond a bucket of awesome in my eyes. And that's not including the eye candy factor (my motto is: I'm a Baseball fan but I'm not blind).

There is a point, I promise.

2 days ago, the Rangers designated Jingles for assignment. Contrary to popular Blue Jay Baseball "fan" belief, that's not the same as being released. But I digress.

I was informed today with one hour left in my shift at my uber-exciting job that a team had claimed Jingles off waivers. Of course, my mind went to, "Oh boy, it's the Yankees or Red Sox." But then I was informed, "No, seriously, it's good news." So I figured the Jays got him back. W00t.

But obviously, I'm a moron and forgot about my 2nd favourite team (1st favourite in the NL), The Milwaukee F***ing Brewers! Doug Melvin, the beloved (or non-beloved..I have no damn idea) GM of the Brewers stated that Jingles has a good shot of making the team out of Spring Training due to his lefty battiness (or, to speak proper English, the fact that he's a left-handed batter and the Brewers have a predominantly right-handed lineup)

Does anybody other than myself realize the possible apocalyptic ramifications of both Joe Inglett and Ryan Braun being on the SAME team? Well, probably not because I'm most likely the only person thinking about it...unless there's a game designer coming up with the same idea based on this awful photo-shoot of Brauny where he looks like one of those dudes that kicks zombie ass at 4PM on XBOX 360 wearing Remetee T-shirts.

My two favourite Baseball players on the same's been hours since the news and the words about how excited I am truthfully don't exist.

But to make sure I don't go absolutely crazy, I induce vomit by remembering that Gregg Zaun is now a Brewer.

Good luck, Joe. May you not see waivers again this offseason!

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