Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jorge Posada Is A Douche

Now, of course, I'm a Jays fan so I'd automatically be biased, right?

a) Jorge was my favourite Yankee, tied with Mo. Not anymore.

b) If a Jay pulled the shit he did, I'd be equally as pissed.

Well, at least one of the good things is that Basebrawls turn me on. Why couldn't it have happened at Rogers Centre?

Unlike some managers and people in MLB's front office, I LOVE the idea of retaliation and standing up for your teammates (provided nobody gets hurt in the process aka no fastballs to the noggin') Seriously, Jorge...he threw behind you, he made his point, benches cleared. Deal with it. Don't be a pussy and make contact with Jesse you asshat...even though it appears that Jesse was asking for it unless he had a mental mistake and wasn't covering home properly due to that. But I digress :)

Though, I do have some fave highlights from the brawl.....

1. Adam Lind "trying" to get in between a Yankee and a fellow Jay...I can't remember who (Murphy before he got knocked down, maybe?) and being so completely useless at it. I can just picture him saying, "Come on guys.....stop!"

2. Brian Tallet and Scott Richmond just towering over everybody else....not really contributing much.

3. Joe Inglett and John McDonald scrapping it up a bit more than the bigger guys were lol Apparently Yankee media is saying that McDonald punched Girardi? Well, he's gotta get a hit at some point *ahem*

4. Cito laying the smackdown with Edwar Ramirez

Ugh, just thinking about it makes me all tingly lol

On a side note, I haven't been feeling very creative lately....and seriously this team has pissed me off beyond belief these past couple of weeks. So I was lacking the motivation. Good to know a Basebrawl can bring these positive emotions back.

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  1. Your comment about McDonald finally getting a hit made me think of this addition I made to Jeff Francouer's Wikipedia page a few weeks back:

    "On August 20, 2009, the dead body of a 22-year old man was found on Chipper Jones' ranch.[9] Had the man's death been the result of being hit with a baseball bat Francouer would have immediately been ruled out as a suspect."

    It stayed on for about six hours before being removed.