Sunday, August 02, 2009

Something Like A Phenomenon

Awesome. I kick ass...using lyrics from a LL Cool J song. So original. Makes me want to cry tears of joy.

I'm going to forget about everything else in this blog post, despite the 7 runs that the Jays brought in. This is all going to be dedicated to RickRom. It's not exactly going to be an awe inspiring post or anything....but I'm mostly just blogging for the sake of blogging.

I actually saw Ricky pitch in Triple-A when the Jays were still affiliated with Syracuse. One day, my sister, Mom and I decided to travel to Buffalo to see the Bisons host the Chiefs (even though we made regular trips to Syracuse). The Chiefs lost....and RickRom was nothing spectacular. I personally was not impressed or blown away.

Arnie wanted to have him start this season with the big club as an experiment. Boy, has this experiment worked. Am I bad for hopping on the ROY bandwagon? I'm not going to bother posting stats because I'm way too...not in the mood to :) But he's been a breath of fresh air this season.

That's one thing I can take about the sudden crash and burn of the Jays this season (not that I was expecting them to continue to kick ass like they did in the first couple of months). Despite having "no pitching", we get to see the youngsters have a go at it.

Now if only I had the money to buy a jersey....seriously debating between RickRom and Cecilicious. But now that the cresting has changed into fugly plastic lettering, I might just wait forever until I can afford an authentic jersey that doesn't look like complete ass.

I have no idea how to end this least in terms of RickRom.

A shout-out to Corey Hart, who had an appendectomy today in San Diego. Get well soon! At least the Brewers gave you a win today :P

And can I just say how absolutely ecstatic I am to NOT see Burnett pitching against us in the 2-game series vs. Yankees? Not in the mood to hear "AJ SUCKS" chants over hearing people booing V-Dub.

The end. I think. Maybe I can find something else to ramble about.

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