Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nah. Can't Wait To Vent :(

This picture was taken in the first inning, after a balk was called against Rzepczynski. Could the photo have been a foreshadow of what was to come? Seriously guys.....pardon the language, but WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!

The Jays' bats were pretty silent, other than Scott Rolen's for the first half-or-so of the game. But Rzepczynski still had a good outing, and Camp was consistent yet again. Then appeared the new closer, Scott Downs...whom I REALLY don't want to start referring to as "BJ #2" NO idea what the Hell is going on there....but it's not pretty. Will the Downs experiment as closer be finished? Will JayFray get the chance? Will Accardo possibly get his prior temporary job back? Who knows what this team will bring in the next couple of days.

Speaking of with, stupid Sportscrap and their commercials for tomorrow's game. "Watch Roy Halladay as he takes on the Mariners in what could be his final start as a Toronto Blue Jay." Then, advertisements for Connected, stating two words and one form of punctuation: "Halladay Trade?"

I don't know what's worse to constantly hear. Fans bitching about how much the Jays suck, or the fact that Halladay might be traded before the deadline.

And it's good to know that it just didn't seem this way through my television speakers. To post what Jordan Bastian tweeted during tonight's game....

"I will say it again: the Jays fans here in Seattle are much, MUCH louder than the crowds that show up in Toronto."

But I shall no longer vent about fans here in Toronto :)

At least one does look like Jingles is starting to be a little bit more comfortable at the plate.

And if there's anything I learned during tonight's broadcast? That oftentimes, you must be aggressive at the plate and be sure to not give in to (insert pitcher's name here) especially since the next pitch will be a breaking ball.

See? I shouldn't post blogs when I'm half-asleep and depressed. The Legend, Mr. Dirk Von Hayhurst, was sent down to Vegas today to make room for Scott Richmond, who was removed from the 15-day DL while Brian Tallet has been moved back to the bullpen. It's nice to see Scott back, and hopefully the Legend will return in September.

Oh, and Brewers lost to the Nationals. Again. Boo-urns.

I need a drink. Or sleep. Or both. I just can't be bothered to offer any of my insightful insight tonight.

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